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Skiing in Salzburg!

Salzburg, one of Austria’s most charming cities that almost relies solely on tourism due to its old-world charm, spectacular architecture, connection to the Sound of Music and for being the birthplace of the world’s most prolific composer, Wolfgang Mozart.

After a very smooth flight & very warm welcome to Salzburg Airport, we arrived in what can easily be described at one of the coolest ski areas of the Alps!

Saalfelden Leogang.

With its 270 km of slopes, it is one of the largest ski areas in all of Austria. It offers maximum fun-in-the-snow for every winter-sports enthusiast. Those 270 km of slopes are divided as follows: 140 km of blue trails for beginners, 110 km of red trails for advanced skiers, and 20 km of black trails for experts. With 71 lifts, more than 60 cozy ski lodges, seven snow parks, two “Natural Freeride Parks,” two lit trails and five toboggan runs, the region is also one of the most multifaceted ski areas in Austria. SkiVideo-, speed- and racing trails, Funcross, snow trails and snow tubing guarantee a wide variety of action.

After an hour transfer from the airport, we arrived at Mama Thresl, this hotel is a well thought out, modern hotel concept, tailor made to the desires of the new generation. It goes without saying that the whole building has Wi Fi access as well as uncomplicated breakfast, which isn’t served from eight till nine, but from 07:30 to 11:00 or even longer.

All the rooms are completely furnished in wood. The design is a mixture of chalet and a modern log cabin, the showers are open and made of stone and every day a bottle of fresh mountain water is made available just for your survival. In the evenings waiters are happy to serve you cocktails in Mama Thresl and a DJ plays you jaunty music.

Familiar with the facilities and full from the most delicious food it was off to the snow! For our first of two activities. It was time to get suited and booted for our Snow Hike leading to Avalanche Training. Where the group pulled together using the equipment provided to dig through the piles of snow to find the hidden alcoholic shots....which obviously encouraged us to dig faster!

The outdoor Geisler has a range of team building activities including igloo building which we were luckily enough to witness! Definitely on the wish list!

The dinner plans for the evening had the whole group excited, but unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse and the planned torchlight hike to Huwi's Alm wasn't possible. Never the less we weren't dissapointed when we arrived for dinner.

At Huwi’s Alm you can “eat your hat” and thoroughly enjoy each and every mouthwatering bite. The “Hut Essen” starts with a serving bowl of crisp, fresh salad in a balsamico-pumpkin seed oil dressing, served with garlic bread. Then, a large iron cooker is brought to your table, heated with fuel paste.” The “flap” of the iron hat cooker is filled with hearty beef stock and vegetables.

We were then told to take a thin slab of marinated pork or Galloway beef and place it on the hot iron hat. We could then sit back and let it sizzle until it was done to our own liking, and the simple, authentic Austrian meal was ready to eat. Between courses you can sip on the beef broth and vegetables. And the more you grill, the heartier the broth. In all, it’s a one of a kind dining experience, delicious, informal and festive.

We have to say this was one of the highlights of the trip. The clock seems to tick a wee bit slower here in the high mountains. The crackling fires, the creak of the sturdy wooden beams…the sounds of rest and relaxation.

Day 2, relaxation over & time to get on the slopes! Our group had plenty of different skiing abilities which was no problem at all, as the second largest ski resort there really was options for all. If skiing really isn't your thing but being among the atmosphere is then not to worry the 'hendl fischerei' mountain club provides the most stunning watch spot and was our stop for lunch so guests could arrive at leisure when they were all snowed out.

As our time on the slopes drew to a close, we headed back to the hotel for some free time before heading to Krallerhof Hotel for dinner, which I think you may agree looked like a scene from a Christmas film...very festive and cosy indeed.

The beautiful thing about Austria is that you don't have to be a fully skilled ski goer to enjoy everything this amazing destination has to offer.

Trust our knowledge and feeling for snow – it is the whipped cream a top the cake of your event. It will lend an unusual note and the unbeatable flair of a winter fairy tale to your happenings.

Wait and see: the enthusiasm will be endless.

To find out more on planning your incentive in the snow, Call us on 01625 539 954.


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